>Removing Stumbling Blocks 1 Spaghetti Box At A Time

>Jordan Donald became a Bar Mitzvah on May 2, 2009. His Torah portion included the commandment “Do not put a stumbling block before the blind.” In his D’var Torah, Jordan wrote that he preferred to interpret the commandment as requiring a positive action instead of a prohibition. He considered what is meant by a “stumbling block” and what it means to be “blind” and concluded that a postitive statement of this commandment would be “Do everything you can to clear the path for someone experiencing trouble.” He chose to help those who deal with hunger in our own area by collecting cartloads full of spaghetti boxes and donating them to the CWU Food Pantry in Irvington. As Jordan said from the bimah, “I know I can’t feed the world, but I would like to help remove this stumbling block one box of spaghetti at a time.”


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