>From Maplewood On Line…

>This was posted about TSTI last week on Maplewood On Line…thought the whole Temple community should have access to it as well.

First let me say that going to services last evening and this morning was a wonderful experience. I had never realized how handicapped-friendly our congregation really is until I got the opportunity to experience it first hand. The additional reserved spaces for handicapped persons were close to the main entrance but even so, we were given the option of driving up directly to a pick/up drop off space by the door if this was needed (we declined). The cut out leading from the parking lot to the pathway leading to the door was perfectly level making navigation with the wheelchair a breeze. One of the ushers opened a side door for us which lead directly to the front of the sanctuary so that we had to travel only a minimal distance (we were able to exit the same way which avoided having to navigate through crowds). We were directed to an area set aside for those with mobility issues, which was right by the exit referred to above. Last night the Rabbi seeing my wheelchair extended into the aisle came over and removed a chair so I could “sit with the rest of the congregation.” I am so glad that we went.

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