>Religious School Pick-Up: Ensuring the Safety of Our Children


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience during Sunday school pick-up. The children in particular were terrific at finding their lanes and cars. Parents, you also did well.  We wanted to take this opportunity to provide a couple of tips and gentle reminders for the children’s safety. 

School starts at 9:00am on Sundays and the children should be in their classrooms at that time.  Avoid the drop-off traffic by bringing your kids a few minutes early so they are in their classrooms at 9:00am.  A few minutes makes a huge difference.  
  • Drop off kids along the entire length of the building, all the way from the Sanctuary doors to the Religious School doors. Have your kids exit left, not on the right.
  • If you need to park before 11:00am please use the first row clsoest to the fence as you enter off Scotland. The rest of the parking lot is for Queuing Lanes. Of course, if you’re walking your child into school before start time, and then plan to leave immediately, you can park anywhere.
  • When the children are released at 11:30am the parking lot is “Locked Up” for safety reasons. If you arrive at that time or later, you’ll have to wait until the entire lot clears.
  • Stay in your lanes. In the past (not this past Sunday) we had parents jump into the moving lane in the back of the lot. The other parents tell us this gets them upset since they are waiting patiently. 
  • No cell phone use while driving.  It is both dangerous and against the law, particularly in a crowded parking lot. 
  • Turn off your engines when waiting.
  • There are many cars, many children, and parent volunteers and teachers in the parking lot. Be alert. Drive safely.
Finally, we appreciate your patience with the parent volunteers.  First and foremost, they are there to protect the safety of YOUR children.  As a reminder, the following are the lane designations:
Lane 1 – Last name beginning  A – B
Lane 2 – Last name beginning  C – F
Lane 3 – Last name beginning  G – I
Lane 4 – Last name beginning  J – K
Lane 5 – Last name beginning  L – M
Lane 6 – Last name beginning  N – R
Lane 7 – Last name beginning  S

Lane 8 – Last name beginning  T – Z


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