>A Request For Input On Our Participation in the JFS Synagogue Social Work Consultation Program


Dear Friends,
As you may know, our synagogue has been one participant in a pilot project for the last three years which has placed a social worker from Jewish Family Service of MetroWest on site here at TSTI.
Our social worker, Beth Sandweiss, has been involved in number of different areas, providing support, education and guidance to members of all ages, as well as to synagogue staff and clergy. Beth has been in the building on Wednesdays but has been available to us whenever needed, as well.
The funding for this project has come from a grant from the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, along with matching funding from our synagogue (thanks to some generous members of the community who have asked to remain anonymous) and administrative supervision from Jewish Family Service of MetroWest. 
At this point, we are looking to assess the impact of this project to help us to better meet the needs of our synagogue and determine the degree to which the social work function has enhanced the quality of life within our synagogue community.
I am asking for your assistance in take a moment to complete a brief, anonymous survey.  The survey can be found on line by simply clicking this link.   Paper copies are also available in the synagogue office for those who do not have access to a computer.   A summary of the survey results will be shared with our synagogue later in the year. 
Thank you, in advance, for your participation and your input!

Rabbi Cohen


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