>Women’s Connection Makes Scholarships for Reform Jewish Summer Experience Available


Once again the Women’s Connection is happy to offer scholarships for a Reform Jewish summer experience.  Its purpose is to support and reinforce the commitment of our Temple youth, grade school through high school, to Reform Judaism by providing scholarships for summer experiences sponsored by the Reform Movement.  This fund has been made possible by tributes to the Women’s Connection Fund for Reform Jewish Summers.   Scholarships of $500 are available on a one-time basis, subject to certain parameters set forth below.  First, the recipient must be attending a Reform Movement summer program for the first time and commit to share his or her experience in a formal manner with the Temple community in order to encourage other youth to participate in the Reform Movement summer experience.  Second, the applicant must be a current member of the Temple’s Religious School .  Third, all applications are due by March 1, 2011.  A decision will be given shortly thereafter by the Scholarship committee.   
For the calendar year 2011, three scholarships are available to encourage your child to attend a Reform Movement camp or program.  Your child must submit an application in letter form to the Women’s Connection Scholarship Committee at Temple, attention Wendy Ferber.  Each letter must include:
  1. The reason he or she would like to participate in a Reform Jewish summer experience.
  2. The specific name of the Reform Movement camp or program.
  3. The dates of planned attendance.
  4. The parents’ name, address and telephone number.  
  5. A detailed explanation of how he or she will share his or her experience with the Temple community (for example, a Temple Bulletin article, speaking with religious school classes about the experience, etc.).  
Please encourage your children to participate in the Reform Movement’s summer youth activities.  Show your support for our efforts on behalf of Reform Judaism and your children by joining the Women’s Connection, participating in our fundraising efforts and contributing to the Fund through tributes.


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