>Buy Israel… Especially Today…


Dear Friends- 

Normally I would share this on the “Rabbinic Blog” section of our Web site. This is important enough however that I wanted to share it in both locations. Please read, act and share this with others. Thank you!

Rabbi Cohen

AJC Action Alert!
BUYcott Israel!
Join AJC in the “Buycott” of Israeli Goods 
TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 30th!
AJC is proud to join other pro-Israel groups across the country on 
Tuesday, November 30th to support “Buy Israeli Goods” Day
and to counter those calling for boycotts of Israeli products.
Help us send the message to retailers such as Hiller’s, Costco, Whole Foods,
Trader Joe’s and ULTA by buying up all of their Israeli-made products!
VISIT www.buyisraelgoods.org to search for Israel products in our area
Whether its hummus or olives or Ahava skin cream, every purchase helps!
SPREAD THE WORDPlease share this email with at least 5 friends.
THANK THE STORE for carrying Israeli products! 
Be sure to alert and thank the store manager for carrying Israeli products.
Let them know that you will be a repeat customer for that reason!
Send a picture of you and your family and friends buying Israeli goods to: 
Thank you for helping AJC show support for Israel!
AJC Global Jewish Advocacy

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