>Quite a morning at the InterFaith Food Pantry. Too busy to count everyone there, but we estimate we had 20 adults and 25 – 30 kids. We distributed food to 55 clients. The number seems to continually grow. That in turn means we constantly need more food each month.

It was wonderful to see so many kids, who happily helped bag the donated bread and cake for distribution, lugged cans from the stockroom, separated groceries by “type”, helped distribute goods into bags for clients, lugged bags filled with groceries to the front, restocked the pantry shelves, and colored lunch bags that were then filled with donated candy to make the clients’ difficult days a little more sweet. Much appreciation to all those who dusted, reorganized and cleaned our stockroom! And a world of thanks to Dina Pressel, who was in charge today for the indomitable Janet Schwamm.

It is amazing how much food we go through on our daily distribution. Even though the clients only get a small amount of groceries each time they come (this is considered supplemental food, and is not enough to feed their families for the week), it add up when you need 55 jars of peanut butter, 55 boxes of cereal, 55 cans of green vegetables, etc. Our pantry shelves are almost totally bare. Please, please, please, remember to bring one (or more) when you come to Temple.


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