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“Snowmageddon” February 6, 2010
Dear Daniel,

It’s been quite a winter.

Record blizzards in the United States.  Massive flooding in Pakistan and Australia. Millions of people forced to drink unsafe water.  Hundreds of thousands homeless. 

It seems like severe and dangerous storms are the new normal.  In fact, 90% of all natural disasters last year were directly related to weather.  And a recent study confirmed this pattern isn’t part of “natural cycles” — human activity is partly to blame.

Climate change is too big for any one person — or one country — to solve.  Government and business can’t, and won’t, do it on their own.  The earth needs religious support, because religion is one of the few forces on the planet big enough to tackle such a big problem. 

GreenFaith is the leader in rallying religious support for the environment.  We unite people from diverse traditions, and get them working together, to protect the earth. 

You can be a part of this great work.

We’re reaching more people that ever.  We’re organizing churches from Washington State to Texas to Maine, and synagogues from Florida to California.  We’re working with Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist leaders. 

Your support will enable us to reach more congregations, to educate more leaders, to mobilize more action — to help heal the planet. 

Won’t you join us today?

In faith,

Rev. Fletcher Harper
Executive Director


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