>Another Meaningful Day Writing Our New Sefer Torah


On Sunday March 14, 2010 we gathered yet again with our scribe Zerach to add some additional letters and words to the new Torah that is currently being written for our community.

There are still opportunities to get involved. Upcoming dates include… Sunday, April 25; 9am-2pm (to be confirmed this week), Wednesday, April 28, 4:00-6:30, Sunday, May 16, 12-4pm, Sunday June 13, 10am-2pm

Our most recent participants include–

Rita & Robert Boyle and family
Todd & Monique Lurie, Max & Ilana
Erica & Shannon Dussman
Nancy Elder & Clayton
Sherrie & David Katz, Jesse, Rachel & Jennifer
Jackie Cutler & Steve Whitty, Anna & James
Robin & Steven Gray, Eliza & Adam
Randi-Ellen Lehrhoff & daughter
Fred & Lana Rosenberg, Louis, Scott & Lauren
Judy & Robert Epstein, Cory & Hannah
Jen & Robert Larson, Madeline & Henry
Susan Joseph
Cathie Rankin and family
Janet & Michael Schwamm, Abby, Hannah & Nathaniel
Jill & Richard Zimmer

(apologies in advance for any missed names or errors)


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