>Religious School Students Learn About Darfur


Seventh graders in Temple’s religious school learned about the situation in Darfur on March 22, when TSTI member Judy Bernstein spoke to them about the tragic genocide that continues to unfold there.Students viewed a film, and learned about the Solar Cooker Project sponsored by the New Jersey Coalition on Darfur.

As the people of Darfur have fled the carnage and sought safety in refugee camps, women and girls continue to be in danger of rape and violence when they venture outside the camps to perform the critical task of collecting firewood for cooking.The NJ Coalition has adopted the Oure Cassoni Refugee Camp in Chad and is protecting the women there by providing them with solar cookers.

Solar cookers are low-cost stoves that cook food using the heat of the sun, rather than scarce firewood. Using them allows the Darfuri women to stay safely inside the camp. Women manufacture the cookers, providing them with new skills and the opportunity to generate income for their family.Under the auspices of Jewish World Watch, the Solar Cooker Project hopes to supply each family in the Oure Cassoni camp with two solar cookers, and training in how to use them.Judy brought in a solar cooker to show the students, and helped them understand how these simple devices are saving women’s lives, and helping to sustain desperate families.

Thirty dollars will buy 2 cookers for one family.You can find out more about the crisis in Darfur and the Solar Cooker Project.If you would like to contribute to this important humanitarian effort, please donate at the website.


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