Iris Family Center Newsletter: Week of April 25, 2011


Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a nice Spring Break and a happy holiday!

 Now that the weather is getting warmer, and hopefully is here to stay,we would like to remind you to swap out the extra clothing in school for the appropriate size and season.  Also, please keep in mind that while sandals are stylish, they are difficult for the children to run around in outside and inside.

CampThere are still some available spaces in our Summer Camp, if you are interested or have any questions, please call the office 973-763-4600.


Carol & Andrea




MAY 16th – May  20th

more information to follow

woman from Habitat


Spring Fling 2011It began with a big hole.  The kids just couldn’t stop digging on the playground.  They were having the greatest time digging in the ground and working together to see how big they could make it.   That’s were the idea was born.  A generous donor noticed how his child loved nature and loved gardening and we were given seed funding for a new garden!”Our Learning Garden” will be a new, unique play space where our children can dig, plant and play.  In the fall, we began clearing a space in the playground area for the garden.  The sprouts are already starting to come out and soon the children will be able to watch the tulips and iris’s come out and bloom.  The hope is that with funds we raise we can continue to grow the garden and have a dedicated outside play space with walkways, natural wood/log benches, a water wheel, water troughs and weaving wall.  The children could learn about conservation and the environment through a composting station and rain barrel. “Our Learning Garden” Girl with Treewould be just that, a wonderful opportunity to teach our children about nature and the world we live in. This year all of the proceeds from the Spring Fling will go to support “Our Learning Garden.”

The Spring Fling will be held on May 14th, 7:30 pm. 

We hope you all can join us!  

Upcoming Dates

    May 2nd

Class Photos

May 4th

Parenting Center

Chat & Chew

May 5th

Mom’s Night Out – SOPAC

May 9th

Yom Haatzmaut

May 14th

Spring Fling

May 16th – 20th

Habitat Week

May 18th

Carol The Carpenter

Building Bagel Breakfast

May 23rd – 27th

Last week of Enrichment

May 30th

School Closed

Memorial Day

For a full calendar of events, please click HERE


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