Preschool Classroom Updates: News from Janet, Linda, & Annie’s 4’s

Dear Parents,

Our busy week began on Monday when builders from Habitat for Humanity stopped by to discuss their project. As part of the visit the children had an opportunity to flex their muscles while hammering nails into and signing their names onto a large piece of sheetrock. The sheetrock will be installed as part of a wall in the new house we visited this past week.

Building on the habitat theme (no pun intended), we discussed how living things need a home. We also discussed how there are so many different kinds of animals and they live in many different places. The desert, jungle, ocean, forest and even our backyards provide shelter and food for all living things.  Everyone loved drawing a favorite animal with colorful oil pastels. The pictures included a smiling water snake, crocodile, platypus and even a bear under a deck in Wayne N.J.

Not quite 40 days and nights but the rain finally stopped allowing us a chance to step outside and listen to the sounds of the birds flying by the school. We’re on the lookout for robins, cardinals and blue jays. A chart with pictures of the different birds allows us to track how many we see of each type. Then just as some birds weave together a nest, we used a paper plate with slits and wove colorful yarn through the slits to create some interesting art.

Five caterpillars arrived this week and we’ve been very busy observing the daily changes that have occurred. They are now in the chrysalis stage, and as the children noted, they seem to be very cozy and comfortable in their new pop-up habitat.

Enjoy the weekend,

J, L & A


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