Preschool Classroom Updates: News from Sandy & Betsy’s 4’s

Hello Parents!

Much of our discussion and activities this week revolved around building. Our field trip to the Habitat construction site provided us with many things to think about. It was hard to imagine people not having a home, and we talked about how lucky we all are to have not only a roof above our heads, but a loving family environment, really what makes a house a “HOME.” Habitat crew paid us a visit and we were able to hammer nails into sheetrock and sign our names to it, especially fun when we saw it in the house we visited. How could we help people that weren’t as fortunate as we were? Well, we unanimously decided to use all of our tzedakah savings this year and donate it to Habitat! All those coins and dollar bills you have diligently been sending in all year…every little bit helps, as they say. We hope to do our little part in building a better world.

To start, we had to sort all those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters so we could add it all up! It took much sorting and LOTS of counting. Then, we built our own little ‘house’ to store/present the donation. Some of us were builders, some of us were painters and some were in charge of the trim! It looks fantastic. Our finishing touch were the “keys” (idea courtesy of Marlo, who made keys for Show&Tell), which we traced, cut and laminated. It was a real team effort, and we certainly have a wonderful construction crew.

Some of us tried our hand at “blueprints”, drawing a map of our homes on blue paper with white crayon. It was fun to say “Here’s where my room is, and there’s a hall here, and here’s Mommy and Daddy’s room, and the attic…”We did some construction with mini marshmallows and toothpicks and even snack time had us using pretzel sticks for building materials.

In the midst of all the construction, our butterfly chrysalides arrived! Which led to a discussion of more homes…animals’. We talked about different animals and what kinds of homes they have. We are very excited about the butterflies and will be talking about how they grow and what they eat as we await their hatching.

Books this week included The Castle on Viola Street, Butterflies, Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late, Late Night and The Mixed Up Chameleon.

This week we’ll be keeping an eye on the butterflies and look closer to home at some of our favorite animals…our pets! Please have your children bring in a picture of their favorite pet, or an animal they would like to have as a pet on Monday.

Here’s to a drier week ahead!
xo Sandy & Betsy


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