TSTI’s Iris Family Center: A Note From The 4’s Teachers

Dear Parents,

Amazingly, another school year has come to an end and with it, our final letter. This isn’t our usual weekly update, but rather a goodbye and thank you to everyone for a terrific year.

We fondly recall back to September when fifteen adorable children arrived in our classroom. It wasn’t long before they developed into a close, warm and happy group. The children couldn’t wait to get involved in projects, play with toys and socialize with each other. Show & Tells, group discussions, building with blocks and creating art were some of the favorite activities.

One of the best aspects of reflecting back on the 4’s is watching them develop a sense of independence, in addition to feeling positive about seeing themselves, both as individuals and in a group setting.

Of course, we truly appreciate and thank all the families for your support throughout the year. We wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

So, with one last look back on the year, we will miss the cute comments, laughter and all the smiling faces. Please come back and say hi!

Missing you already,

Janet, Linda & Annie


Dear Parents!
By now the tears have dried, replaced with excited smiles…we made it through our Moving On ceremony — all of us! We’ve graduated to the next big important thing in our little lives…Summer! As you get out the popsicles and swimsuits, please know that we have loved sharing this school year with you and your families, and we wave goodbye with smiles and a few tears of our own. These little birds are ready to stretch their wings and fly…watch them…ah, there they go!
Many thanks for all your help and efforts throughout the year. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Have a safe, relaxing Summer!
xo Sandy & Betsy


hello to all,
we have made it to the end of the year!  it has been an active, interesting, funny and sometimes challenging year.  new friendships were made and old ones were strengthened. we learned how to compromise, take turns, speak our mind  and most importantly, resolve conflict.  children that entered class in september who were a bit quiet and reserved, learned how to offer their ideas and speak up when issues arose.  those who had no problem voicing opinions, learned to wait and take their turn.  all such hard, but very important skills.
the class enjoyed learning about a variety of topics and concepts…friendships, the natural world, our community, helping others and the basic skills such as letter recognition and counting.  we measured, graphed, sequenced, charted,categorized,weighed and  listed everything we were learning about. children loved to make books and tell stories to others.  lots of sharing of ideas and opinions.
the class enjoyed snack and meals together like a family…and just like a family, squabbled about a variety of issues…someone didn’t like their fingers getting dirty, while someone else was finger, elbow and nose painting!  someone loved hard-boiled eggs while their lunch buddy said they smelled really bad.  one block builder wanted a very tall building while their partner had a vision of a fat, squat house.  the magna tile area saw quite a bit of differences and compromises. getting along in our little world was fun and hard all at the same time.
our tzsedaka project was a huge success. through the year, every child brought in money to add to our collection for the south orange public library.  having beth the librarian come to read stories to us every month, really brought home the idea of helping others.  we put a face and a name to our efforts and donated 131 dollars to the library for new books!
robin and i would like to thank you all for letting us watch your children grow and develop into wonderful, interesting little people.  all have great minds and big hearts. thanks to all who volunteered to drive, bake, offer a hand and email. your efforts were greatly appreciated
here’s to a healthy and happy summer and good luck to all next year.
love and hugs,
chris and robin

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