TSTI’s Iris Family Center: Happy Children = Happy Parents

“Andrea and Carol — I left today relatively quietly and somewhat quickly as I was having a pretty emotional day. The combination of the wonderful moving on that you guys put on, to the realization that you two and all of the wonderful teachers we’ve had over the last few years will no longer be a daily presence for us, and everyone so thoughtfully asking me how everything has been going since being back at work was all a bit hard for me.

As I would hope you both know, you both have helped me through so much over these last few years and life won’t be the same without a daily preschool presence. No place compares for an introduction to the school years ahead and the little ones’ first experience being away from mommy/daddy….  That said, it is by no means goodbye as all of my kids relish the opportunity to visit (the boys as alums, and ev with her territorial “my school”).  Thank you thank you thank you and I hope to see you both  at the last board dinner. All my love (truly)”

“I just wanted to thank you for the moving on ceremony.  There are so many things I love about TSTI and today was a great “summary” of all of them.  I’ve never been a part of such a loving, caring, nurturing, educational place that can really do that all at the same time.  I’m sad that *** time with you is done, but I’m very excited about *** just starting her experience!
Thank you for all that you do.  You guys are truly wonderful!”

“Thank you, Carol.
Even though I know we aren’t really moving “out” but truly moving on with TSTI.  We’ve loved our time with the school and we are really looking forward to blazing the trail for the Explorers program.  Thank you for a wonderful year, a wonderful day and a wonderful experience.”

“Hi Carol and Andrea –
We had a wonderful time at the Moving On ceremony on Friday. I cried like a baby. The children were beautiful, and it was a truly special event for everyone there. You guys did an amazing job.
TSTI has been such a wonderful place for ***. He has spent MOST of his life there!  It’s crazy to think how much he has grown – your teachers have been outstanding, and you have done a monumentally great job of keeping that place moving in a positive direction every single day.
*** will be moving on to Kindergarten in the fall at St. George’s kindergarten in Maplewood – a choice we made in large part with Chris’ help. We feel that putting him in a small kindergarten environment will benefit him considerably.
We thank you so much for your care, committment, and your talent!  This has been a wonderful year.”


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