My Birthright Israel Experience: Samantha Schoen

Samantha Schoen and friends on her last night in Israel
One of the things that gives us the greatest joy is getting emails like this one that Samantha Schoen sent Rabbi Miller upon her return from a Birthright trip to Israel.
Hi Rabbi!
I just got back from Israel and although I am so beyond jetlagged and can’t stop crying because of how much I want to go back, I wanted to make sure I thanked you for putting me on that priority list. I did not expect it to be as life changing as it was and I can’t even begin to explain to you how hard it was to come home. It wasn’t difficult just to leave my new friends in Israel, to watch others stay while I went home, or to separate at JFK to go all over the US and Canada. What was most difficult was to leave a place and a population that I felt such a deep connection with.
She goes on to say she,
fell in love with Israel and realized so much about myself during my 10 days there. My birthright friends and I are already making plans to go back and possibly get involved with Kesher.
If you or your child had an Israel experience this summer we love love to share a few pictures and thoughts with the entire TSTI community. Just send them to Rabbi Cohen or Sunny Seglin.

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