Elul Thoughts: Elul 2

A man had been wandering about in a forest for several days, not knowing which was the right way out. Suddenly he saw a someone approaching him. His heart was filled with joy. “Now I shall certainly find out which is the right way,” he thought to himself. When they neared one another, he asked the man, “Brother, tell me which is the right way? I have been wandering about in this forest for several days.”

Said the other to him, “I do not know the way out either. I too have been wandering about here for many days. But this I can tell you: do not take the way I have been taking, for that will lead you astray. And now let us look for a new way out together.”

So it is with us. The way we have been following thus far we ought follow no further. Now let us look for a new way together.”


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