Birthright Israel: Danielle Blake

TSTI teen Danielle Blake spent a few weeks in Israel on Birthright Israel. We asked her to share a few thoughts with her TSTI community. 

IMG 2214
at a kibbutz/farm in the negev

I just got back from Israel on Birthright. Here are some impressions:

-It was really interesting how diverse the land was for such a small country – that you can drive for only a short time but see a huge difference in the landscape, from the Golan Heights with lots of trees, to the cities, the desert, and the beaches.

with a friend at the dead sea

-I loved meeting the Israeli soldiers who joined our group, because they gave a really interesting perspective about what it is like to live in Israel and what it is like to be Jewish in a Jewish state.

-I learned a lot more about Zionism while there, and why it’s so important to have a Jewish country. However, being there also made me question if it is worth all of the war.

-A couple of people told me that the Western Wall would not be as incredible as I expected, but it was actually pretty amazing. We went on Shabbat, and people from all around the world were singing the same tunes and dancing together.


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