Young Children? Grandchildren? Check Out The PJ Library

If you have young children or grandchildren you owe it to them, and yourself, to check out the PJ Library

What is The PJ Library®? The PJ Library is a wonderful program for Jewish families with young children. Each month, every child enrolled in the program receives a free gift of an age-appropriate, Jewish content book or CD, along with a short parent resource guide and a monthly E-Newsletter.

Who can join The PJ Library? Children, ages 6 months to 5 ½ years of age, who live in the MetroWest area or who are members of a MetroWest constituent organization, are eligible to enroll on a first-come, first-served basis. We have enrolled over 2,500 children since 2008 and we have room for more. There is no limit to the number of children enrolling per family.

The PJ Library is also available to children with special needs who are older then 5½ and can benefit from the books in the age ranges we provide. Please e-mail or phone The PJ Library Coordinator directly to enroll your child.

How can I enroll a child in The PJ Library? Visit  and click on the PJ Library logo to sign up or visit and choose NJ and then MetroWest

Where can I learn more about The PJ Library?

Download this form, fill it in and return it to get started. PJ Enrollment Form

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