Mazal Tov to Gail Barry – Essex County Volunteer of the Year

As often as possible we want to share the amazing things members of the TSTI community are doing. And when one of us is honored for community service… that’s something everyone should know about. A HUGE Mazal Tov to TSTI member and leader Gail Barry who has been honored as an Essex County Volunteer of the Year!

Here’s the announcement:

2011 Volunteers of the Year

GAIL BARRY – Essex County Volunteer of the Year
Gail’s work as the Millburn Municipal Alliance Coordinator has brought innovative, new and exciting programs to the Alliance. She has also demonstrated a collaborative spirit by sharing many of the programs with other Alliances. Gail has partnered with many organizations to sponsor programs for our children, parents, grandparents and the community to promote prevention and awareness. She has also garnered a lot of press coverage that has highlighted the community’s concern with alcoholism and drug abuse as well as with the efforts of the Millburn Alliance and the GCADA.

Mazal Tov Gail! We couldn’t be more proud and feel lucky to have you are one of TSTI’s leaders!


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