Update on Israel: worth reading today…

With thanks to Mike Sachs


Northeast Regional Director

AIPAC • The American Israel Public Affairs Committee


Israel Slams “Outrageous” Erdogan Remarks

In a weekend interview with CNN, Turkish premier Erdogan claimed that the number of Israelis killed in the conflict with the Palestinians was up to “200,” while “hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were killed.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday described these remarks as “outrageous,” noting that thousands of Israelis had been killed in Palestinian violence and that Israel had certainly not taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. (AFP)


PA Unilateralism May Cost Them Post-Oslo Gains – Tovah Lazaroff

The Palestinians could lose the achievements of the last 15 years if they continue to pursue their unilateral statehood bid at the UN, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren told the Jerusalem Post on Sunday. It’s understood that unilateral moves would harm the Palestinians’ aspiration to statehood and would jeopardize agreements that Israel and the U.S. have with the PA, he said. “We were pleased to see that the Quartet has called for an immediate return of the Palestinians to the negotiating table with us, without pre-conditions,” he added. (Jerusalem Post)




Egypt Gas Pipeline to Israel Blown Up for Sixth Time

The Egyptian pipeline in Sinai that supplies Israel and Jordan with gas was blown up again on Tuesday. The pipeline has been blown up six times since February. (Reuters-Ha’aretz)


Abbas Strikes Out – Elliott Abrams

The rapturous applause that greeted Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly was deceiving. The states that swooned when he spoke will never give him a state – nor even the foreign-aid money to pay his delegation’s hotel bills. His statehood project depends on Israel and the U.S., and to a lesser extent on the Europeans (and a bit of Gulf Arab financing). His UN gambit has annoyed or offended all of those parties.

The Abbas speech was a nasty piece of work filled with harshly worded denunciations. His reference to the “Holy Land” as the home of Jesus Christ and the place from which Mohammed ascended to heaven excluded all references to Jews and Jewish history. The Abbas speech will end up strengthening Netanyahu’s tough approach to Israeli security. Abbas’ UN ploy may work for him in terms of his own domestic politics – for a while, anyway. Instead of being the man who lost Gaza, he may briefly be the man who “bravely” took the statehood issue to the UN. But he did not take the Palestinians one step closer to peace. The writer was the deputy national security adviser handling the Middle East in the George W. Bush administration. (National Review)


The False Palestinian Narrative – Moshe Ya’alon
The Palestinians have submitted a series of false claims. The first is that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is territorial in essence, and its solution is well known and could be accomplished in a short time if both sides would only show a great deal more flexibility. The truth is that even though the conflict has a strong territorial component, the heart of the conflict centers on the Palestinians’ refusal to recognize the Jews’ right to build their national home, whatever its borders may be.

Israel has no interest in ruling over the Palestinians, nor does it have any interest in maintaining the status quo, but it wants to make certain that the situation that replaces the current one will be no worse nor more dangerous. Even today, the Palestinians have control over all civil aspects of their lives except for those that have to do with Israel’s security.

No political agreement between the sides will stand the test of time as long as the young generation of Palestinians is taught to deny the existence of the Jewish people and the connection between the Jews and the Land of Israel, and is educated to glorify suicide bombers. Former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon is Israel’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs. (Israel Hayom)


Abbas Moving Closer to the Anti-U.S. Camp – Khaled Abu Toameh
By rejecting President Obama’s requests to avoid a UN bid for Palestinian statehood and to return to the negotiating table, PA President Mahmoud Abbas is hoping to join the few Arab and Muslim leaders who have dared to stand up to the Americans. By distancing himself from Washington, Abbas has moved closer toward the Arab world’s anti-U.S. camp, led by Iran and consisting of Hamas, Hizbullah and other radical groups.

Further, Abbas has not only turned his back on the Americans; he is now also whipping up anti-American sentiment among Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world. Speaking to journalists in Ramallah, top Abbas aides accused Obama of “surrendering to Zionist pressure” and being influenced by “Zionist and pro-Israel” advisors. One official in Ramallah even called for a boycott of U.S. envoy Dennis Ross under the pretext that he was “pro-Israel.” On instructions from senior Palestinian officials, demonstrators took to the streets to chant anti-U.S. slogans and burn portraits of Obama. (Hudson Institute New York)





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