Shannah Tova: All high Holy Day Services Will Be Streamed This Year


Shannah tova.

5:30 and 7:30 tonight

8:30 and 11:15 tomorrow

To stream services:

If using a mac you must install windows media player for Mac

Then click.


A sweet 5772 to all.


3 thoughts on “Shannah Tova: All high Holy Day Services Will Be Streamed This Year

  1. carol sziklay

    great idea, now my girls can watch from their “home”
    one is in perth, australia the other honolulu hawaii

    carol sziklay

  2. Gail H Barry

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity for our college students to stay connected to “home”.
    Proud to say that Ian told us he tuned in from his dorm room…. said he wanted hear Rabbi Cohen’s sermon! Found out about the streaming via the College Corner Rosh Hashanna package that was generously sent out. Many thanks to all!
    L’Shannah Tova,
    Gail Barry & family

  3. Dan Cohen

    What is most gratifying is that some of our college-age students WANT to log on and be part of the community even though they are out of town.

    I asked a friend who lives down in Texas to log on at one point and grab some screen captures so I could see what it looked like. Her internet connection isn’t particularly great but the video stream looked like it was working beautifully.

    I am grateful to the Josh Littman Audio-Visual Fund for making this possible.


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