Global Hunger Shabbat and 18 Days of Action

Global Hunger Shabbat is part of the American Jewish World Service (AJWS) ongoing food justice campaign. This fall, the campaign is focusing on mobilizing the American Jewish community to reform policies in the U.S. Farm Bill that negatively impact communities across the globe.

Join AJWS and Jewish communities around the country for Global Hunger Shabbat—followed by 18 Days of Action leading up to Thanksgiving—to promote food justice and tikkun olam. Nearly 200 communities participated in this nationwide event last year!  

Global Hunger Shabbat, a key moment in AJWS’s year-long food justice campaign, is a weekend of nationwide solidarity, learning and reflection around food justice. The learning and exploring of Global Hunger Shabbat is designed as a springboard into meaningful action over the following weeks and months, as they mobilize the American Jewish community in the fight for food justice.  This campaign begins on November 4, 2011.   More information can be found at :





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