First Steps

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Step Up for Israel MetroWest: a grassroots education and advocacy initiative to prepare the MetroWest Jewish community to counter assaults on Israel’s legitimacy

Over the past year, we have seen an increase in assaults on Israel’s legitimate right to exist. Misinformation and false accusations are being circulated that make members of our community feel uncomfortable — some people are not sure what the truth is or how to respond.

By taking part in Step Up For Israel MetroWest, you will have the knowledge and confidence to feel proud of Israel and inspire others to feel the same. You will be empowered by having the factual knowledge and “how-tos” to answer Israel’s critics.

from the Step Up for Israel MetroWest website

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On Sunday October 16th Sonia Aronson, Doris Spector, Carla & Mitch Boden, Marilyn Ziemke, Hope Pomerantz, Steven Pomerantz, Olie Pomerantz,
Pam Keen, George Iverson and other Temple members joined Cantor Aronson to learn how to Step Up for Israel.

IMG 2591

This was one step among many. We will soon have more information about how we can all Step Up.


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