Stay Up To Date with TSTI’s New iPhone App

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of going to Florida for the day with TSTI President Jay Rice. While there, we attended a luncheon hosted by Joan and Howard Gellis. (A huge thank you to them for opening their home to us and members of their temple family.) At the lunch were members of the community who have been part of the TSTI family for decades.

After lunch, Jay and I had a chance to update everyone on what’s been going on at temple and answer questions about the current happenings at TSTI. Among the first questions asked was, “When are we going to get a temple app so I can keep up with what’s happening at the synagogue on my iPad?”. (I thank Joe Newman for the question and, for anyone wondering, no, it was not a plant.)

My cryptic answer… “Just wait.” 🙂
At the time I didn’t think the wait would be as short as it was, but I am getting ahead of myself.

For the past few years we have been working to increase the ways in which members of our community can stay in touch with what is happening at temple and, by extension, one another. Through the website (, our Facebook page and Twitter feed, we’ve tried to make it easier than ever for you to get the latest news. We are also beginning to work on areas of the website and Facebook page that will be interactive. In addition, we’ve begun inviting temple members to receive the bulletin electronically for both convenience and environmental care.

Today I’m pleased to share with you that there is a new way to stay in touch with TSTI. Yes, we are talking about a TSTI app!

Our official TSTI app was released in the iTunes App Store last night after spending some time in the review process. If you have an iPhone, an iPod touch or an iPad you can click here and download it for free.

The app includes the latest news from temple, contact information for Clergy and Senior Staff, recent pictures and videos and more. There is a page with music and we will be updating it regularly so that, for example, if a new melody is being used at services, you can listen to it on the go. We hope you enjoy this first release and we look forward to updating it frequently in the coming months.

Rabbi Daniel M Cohen


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