AIPAC Policy Conference 2012


Our largest TSTI delegation is currently in Washington at the 2012 AIPAC Policy Conference. Those in attendance this morning heard some powerful speeches… And took these pictures.

From Past President Jack Fersko:

Shimon Peres spoke eloquently about the importance of commitment to make one’s life meaningful by contributing to a larger cause. He also spoke of the importance of peace and leaving for our children a better life. At the same time, he made clear Israel can not and will not allow a nuclear Iran.

President Obama spoke of the importance of the U.S. – Israel relationship. He noted that in the current political climate much will be made of who is the better friend of Israel, and suggested that deeds should be looked at rather than listening to rhetoric. He proceeded to discuss the actions taken by his Administration, including record dollars in foreign aid to Israel, record cooperation at the intelligence community level, technology sharing, support for Israel at the UN (including a speech expressly stating that Israel is a legitimate Sovereign with a right to exist and defend itself) and more. He effectively asked to be judged on his deeds and not political rhetoric. He also expressed that Iran can not get the bomb – that this is not an issue of containment but prevention. He made clear his preparedness to use force, but noted that in contrast to those who bluster about war – he has seen first hand the results of making such a decision. And he will use force if necessary and before too late – but right now neither is the case and sanctions are working and will becoming even more effective over the next few months.


Much more to come.


One thought on “AIPAC Policy Conference 2012

  1. Amy Koehler

    Thank you for this update, Rabbi Cohen. And thank you and the TSTI contingency for representing the community so well.


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