A Powerful Speech on Iran by AIPAC’s Howard Kor


We just heard a powerful and terrifying speech by AIPAC’s Howard Kor on Iran and it’s pursuit of nuclear
Here are some notes from the speech:

This is a test but there are no grades. This is “pass” or “fail”. And four approaches are needed:

Tough diplomacy
Crippling sanctions
Tactical but quiet undermining of the program
A clear commitment to act if the need be

All four taken together will create the best chance to avoid a war that no one wants.

The best way the only way to stop Iran is to be ready to use all means available to us: economic, political, strategic and military.

Iran, not our ally Israel, is the problem and all options except containment are on the table.

This cannot be about the politics of Washington. . It can only be about the safety and security of America and Israel.


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