Senator Joe Lieberman at the AIPAC Policy Conference


The main speaker this am was Senator Lieberman in his last address to AIPAC as a US Senator. Here are some notes from it.

At Purim the Jewish people is saved by a brave, principled individual. the ancient story is as relevant today as ever.

A strong America. A strong Israel. And an unbreakable relationship between the two.

When it comes to Iran all options must be

That is exactly what president Obama said and now we need the other end of Pennsylvania avenue to do it.

I do not believe that military action to stop Iran’s nuclear acquisition are inevitable. That is Iran’s choice.

“The president said ‘we don’t bluff’ and it is time for congress to say the same thing.”

“Either you end you illicit drive to acquire a nuclear weapons capability yourself or they will be ended for you by military attack.”

“The time for action is BEFORE Iran has the capability to put together a bomb not after it.”


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