TSTI Talent: Debbie Bernstein in ‘The Grapes of Wrath’

We have a tremendous amount of talent here in the TSTI community.

It is part of what makes this congregation such a rich, vibrant and eclectic community.

It is also something that we do not share with one another nearly enough.

That’s why we will be sharing some of the accomplishments within our community here on the TSTI website.

For our first TSTI Talent post we’ll focus briefly on TSTI Board Member Debbie Bernstein.

Debbie has been appearing in ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ at The Chatham Community Players for the past few weeks. In fact, last week when she and Torah Turnings partner Ellen Musicant presented their interpretation of the Story of Esther Debbie finished and immediately raced to the theater for that evening’s performance.

The show was recently reviewed here in New Jersey Footlights and this is what they had to say about Debbie…

My vote would go to Debbie Bernstein. She is simply magnificent as the mother who, regardless of the heartbreaking conditions she and her family experience from foreclosure in the Oklahoma Dust Bowl in 1938 to the ugly plight of California migrant workers, far from the ‘promised land’ that had been promoted, somehow maintains her dignity and proves to be the true family leader and saviour. The final scene will leave you in no doubt that it is the mothers of the world who will save humanity

Our congratulations to Debbie whose final shows are taking place this weekend.

If you know of a TSTI members who is excelling in the arts please send a few words and images to Sunny so we can share them with the entire community.


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