TSTI Talent: Sandy Rustin Fleischer, Rated P for Parenthood

We have a tremendous amount of talent here in the TSTI community.

It is part of what makes this congregation such a rich, vibrant and eclectic community.

It is also something that we do not share with one another nearly enough.

That’s why we will be sharing some of the accomplishments within our community here on the TSTI website.

TSTI member Sandy Rustin Fleischer wrote the Book and Lyrics of Rated P for Parenthood. The show, a product of the Midtown Direct Rep, was first produced in May 2011 at the South Orange Performing Arts Center. It has now made its way to the Westside Theater in Manhattan and is getting fantastic reviews. Dr Joy Browne gave it four stars, WCBS said, “Rated P For Parenthood, now at the Westside Theater, shines a humorous light on the pleasures and perils facing modern day moms and dads a non-stop barrage of hearty laughs” and Joan Hamburg loved it too. Elana and I got to see it last night and… it was fantastic. It was funny, it was touching… it wasn’t for kids (something the people behind us didn’t get)… it is worth seeing.

If I was being quoted in the advertisements they might look something like this



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