The TSTI Explorers Class Visit Red Mango


We had an awesome day at Red Mango. The explorers class has begun to study numbers and Red Mango was just the place to see number hard at work. We had a full tour. It began by putting on Red Mango aprons and getting a heartly welcome from Jenn Rothberg- the owner. We go to go behind the scenes. We started with the walk in fridge and how important it is that it be kept at a certain temperature. When we looked we saw the temperature at the time was 37 degrees. We also got to prepare the yogurt. We measured out the base of the yogurt and then we got to measure the flavoring. We saw that the flavoring was heavier than the yogurt so it sank to the bottom. Each student got to mix the yogurt and got to see where the yogurt gets poured into the machines.


We made strawberry yogurt but since the strawberry machine was full we put a label on our mixture with the time and date (more numbers) so it could be used later in the day. Each student got to turn on the machine that turns the yogurt in to frozen yogurt we counted 8 machines but only 6 that were working. Then each student got to taste a sample to help decided which flavor they wanted to make into a “red mango special” with toppings and all. The kids delighted as they sat together enjoying their yogurt treat and a wonderful and educational morning.


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