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Thursday, April 19, 2012   
27 Nisan 5772

Q:  What job did Cantor Aronson take in 1967, right after graduating from Hebrew Union College?
A:  Cantor’s first – and only! – job was with Temple Sharey Tefilo, then in East Orange.  Originally one of the youngest cantors in the nation, he is now one of the longest serving Reform cantors in the U.S. 

Join us as we come together to honor Cantor’s 45 years of service and his move to Cantor Emeritus with a Festive Musical Shabbat service on May 18 and a Simcha Celebration on June 9.  You should have received your invitations.  If you haven’t already, please RSVP now.  While there, please be sure to add your own sentiment in our virtual Green Tribute Journal.  RSVP now to be part of Temple’s historic and celebratory June event.  You won’t want to miss it.

Shabbat and Scholar:  Join us for Shabbat this Friday to hear Stephen M. Berk, Professor of History at Union College in Schenectady, NY, speak on Netanyahu and Obama: The Search for Peace. 

In support of TSTI’s Greenfaith initiative, check out Maplewood Green Day this Saturday, April 28, 11am-4pm at Memorial Park.  Click here for info. 

TSTI Film Series:  See “For My Father” on Sun., May 6 at 7pm.  Moderated by Dr. Eric Goldman.  RSVP to Tracy Horwitz.

  Please note that the May 11 Shabbat Service will be at 7:30pm, together with Confirmation. 

ROBOTS! Who doesn’t like robots! Join us on Tues., May 22 at 7pm for a unique opportunity with Professor Amir Shapiro of Ben-Gurion University in Israel, an expert in robotics.  And he’s bringing some of his robots!  It promises to be a wonderful evening for kids and adults alike as we get to interact with the robots and learn about some of the many ways they have advanced the fields of industry, medicine and security.  A huge thank you to TSTI member Carla Boden for helping to bring this event to us.  Watch for further details. 

For more about these and other items, log on to 




Bring One:  Please bring one item – canned veggies, beans, pasta, peanut butter, soup – EACH TIME you come to Temple to help support our community and the Interfaith Food Pantry.


IFP Soup Kitchen & Coordinator Needed:  TSTI will organize a hot meal for the IFP soup kitchen on the first Saturday of each month.  The next date is May 5.  There are many ways to be involved: provide food, provide paper goods, serve food, clean up – do it all or choose just one.  We welcome all participation.  If you have questions or are interested in participating or coordinating, please email Robin Greenberg.


Transportation is available for congregants who need a ride to services and temple events.  Contact Alice Forman at (973)736-3467 if you need a ride or if you can offer a ride to others.


Visit our website at for information about our upcoming events


TAKE A HIKE! with TSTI’s Women’s Connection:  On Tues., May 22, 10am-11:30am, we take a guided hike in the South Mountain Reservation.  Wear sturdy shoes and bring water and a snack.  RSVP to Pam Paro by email or at 973-699-4022 for directions of where to meet.



Leviticus 12:1-15:33


Parasha Tazria addresses the role of the priests in identifying conditions that are ritually impure.  Women are considered to be impure for a period of time after childbirth.  After a purification period, the woman must bring a sacrifice to the Tent of Meeting and the priest will offer it on her behalf.  The priests are required to examine any person with a skin ailment, including leprosy, burns or balding, to determine if the person is ritually unclean.  Any person deemed unclean must be isolated from the community for a period of time. 


Parasha Metzora continues with the theme of ritual impurities.  Details are provided as to how the metzora (the “leper” – a person afflicted with a condition that causes the ritual impurity) is to be purified by the priests.  A special procedure is described which involves two birds, spring water in an earthen vessel, a piece of cedar wood, a scarlet thread and a bundle of hyssop.  A home can also be deemed impure by the appearance of dark red or green patches on the walls.  The priests will determine if the house can be purified or if it needs to be demolished.



Fri., April 27                 

Shabbat and Yom Haatzmaut Service & Scholar 



Sat., April 28     

Torah Study

Minyan Service



Shabbat Service Celebrating the B’nai Mitzvah of Jonathan, Robert and Sam Banks  



Shabbat Service Celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of Amy Nadel 



Wed., April 25      
Jewish Meditation

Board of Trustees Meeting




Mazel Tov to…

The Banks and Nadel families on the B’nai Mitzvah of their children

Condolences to… 

Jeff Langsam on the death of his father Martin Langsam
Jay Greenstone on the death of his mother Rita Davis 

Share your family’s news with our Clergy and with members of Caring Community.  Please let us know of your family’s life cycle events or if you or someone you know is ill or in need of assistance from Temple.
WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, BUT PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT THE CLERGY HAS HEARD THE NEWS! Contact Sunny Seglin at 973-763-4116 or click on: Sunny Seglin, Cindy Sonnabend or  Ellen Blake
Do you have a new address, phone number, email? Let us know so we can stay in touch.
Sending Tribute Cards lets someone know that you are thinking about them.

It‘s a beautiful way to acknowledge life cycle events, in celebration or in sympathy.  Please support the variety of TSTI funds.  Visit the Tributes web page, email or call 973-763-4116.

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Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel is an inclusive congregation, accessible and welcoming to all. If you need accommodations, please call Karen at the Temple office.



Greenfaith LogoTSTI is part of Greenfaith’s “Greening Reform Judaism Certification Program”.  Visit our Greening page now.  While we work at addressing our impact on the environment, you can assess yours – Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

This email is as updated as possible.  However, Temple information is subject to change without notice.  For verification of any information, please call the Temple office at 973-763-4116 or visit


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