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Thursday, July 12, 2012   
22 Tammuz 5772

photosSeeking Old Confirmation Photos:  We need your old photos from the 80’s and 90’s.  If you have a Confirmation picture that you can let us borrow, please email Leslie Sporn to make arrangements.

soireeWomen’s Connection Summer Soiree:  Women’s Connection members please join us as we celebrate summer with sangria and treats and welcome Cantor Moses on Tues., July 24 7pm-9pm in the Mansion.  RSVP to Pam Rodman-Paro.

Travel to Cuba with Rabbi Cohen:
Old Havana with Israeli FlagCubaJoin Rabbi Cohen on a cultural and humanitarian trip to Cuba on Oct. 21-26, 2012.  Please click here  for more information.  Interested?  Contact Sunny Seglin.

For more about these and other items, log on to 




Bring One:  Make it a habit to bring one non-perishable food item – canned veggies, beans, pasta, peanut butter, soup – EACH TIME you come to Temple to help support our community and the Interfaith Food Pantry.


IFP Soup Kitchen & COORDINATOR NEEDED:  Sign up now for future IFP Soup Kitchen dates – the first Saturday of each month.  There are many ways to be involved.  We welcome all participation.  If you have questions or are interested in participating or coordinating, please email Robin Greenberg to be placed on her email list.


Transportation is available for congregants who need a ride to services and temple events.  Contact Alice Forman at (973)736-3467 if you need a ride or if you can offer a ride to others.


Visit our website at for information about our upcoming events 


Travel to Israel with Cantor Aronson: He invites you to share his love of Israel by traveling with him Dec. 19-31, 2012.  


Parasha Pinchas

Numbers 25:10-30:1


Following last week’s parasha, Pinchas, the grandson of Aaron, is rewarded by God for having killed an Israelite prince and a Moabite woman who had violated the community’s moral code. God grants permanent priesthood to Pinchas and his descendants.


A census is taken of all the Israelite men over the age of 20.  The count reaches 601,730 men.  This number is used by Moses to determine how the Promised Land will be divided among the different tribes of Israel.  The five daughters of Zelophehad petition Moses for the portion of the land that would have belonged to their father who died without sons.  Moses approaches God on behalf of the women and God accepts the claim of inheritance by women.


God reveals to Moses that he will die in the hills of Moab and not cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land.  Joshua is chosen to succeed Moses as leader.  The parasha concludes with a detailed listing of all the holidays and the sacrificial offerings to be brought on each day.

MetroWest ABLE

handicap symbolTemple Sharey Tefilo-Israel is an inclusive congregation, accessible and welcoming to all. If you need accommodations, please call Karen at the Temple office.



Greenfaith LogoTSTI has completed the “Greening Reform Judaism Certification Program” and is now officially certified – the first reform congregation in the US to reach this milestone!  Visit our Greening page nowCalculate Your Carbon Footprint

This email is as updated as possible.  However, Temple information is subject to change without notice.  For verification of any information, please call the Temple office at 973-763-4116 or visit 




Throughout the summer, Friday evening Shabbat services will begin at 6pm. 


Fri., July 13  

Shabbat Service 


Enjoy a light “oneg” beginning at 5:30pm 


Sat., July 14              

Minyan Service





Please send a Tribute Card to let someone know that you are thinking about them.

It’s a beautiful way to acknowledge life cycle events, in celebration or in sympathy.  Tributes support the variety of TSTI programming.  Please visit the Tributes web page, email or call 973-763-4116.

 WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU, BUT PLEASE HELP MAKE SURE THE CLERGY IS AWARE OF YOUR FAMILY’S NEWS! To share your lifecycle events or if someone you know is ill or in need of assistance from Temple, please contact Sunny Seglin  by email or at 973-763-4116.  To contact members of The Caring Community, please email Cindy Sonnabend or  Ellen Blake.

If you have a new address, phone number, email, please let us know.


Tues., July 17

Gates of Israel Meeting
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