Religious School Newsletter

The Linda and Rudy Slucker Religious School

Dear Families,

Happy end of summer! I hope you have enjoyed time “syncing” with your families and “charging” your batteries, and just plain enjoying yourselves. We have been very busy getting ready to welcome our students to another amazing year of learning and growing. This year our theme for the school will be “Syncing your iJew-Connecting to your personal identity.”  Our school is proud to embrace the future but never lose sight of the past; we work hard to weave them both together in ways that spark our students to grow as an articulate, committed and connected Jews. This year our students will have the opportunity to plant the seeds that will help nurture their Jewish souls, and lead them on their personal paths, allowing them to “sync” themselves with their Jewish futures.

In our quest to move forward and embrace the technology that is available to us, our congregation has transitioned to an online system for temple account management, including school registration. We know that this has been a frustrating experience for many of you, and we thank you for your patience as we navigate the system together. In a congregation this large there are bound to be bumps in the road, and we thank you for helping us implement this system that is not only green, but cost effective for the temple as a whole.

We look forward to welcoming your students on Sunday, September 9th at 9 am. Enjoy the last weeks of summer!~


Mindy Schreff


We are pleased to announce that Rachel Rothman, a lead teacher in our Religious School has received the prestigious Hoffman/Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. Designed to recognize, honor and support outstanding classroom Jewish Educators, the award includes a cash prize as well as a professional development stipend. The award is sponsored by the Hoffman family, to honor the memory of Adele Hoffman, and by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life.  In partnership with JESNA.  Rachel will be honored by both TSTI and the larger Jewish community.


The Linda and Rudy Slucker Religious School  

Registration is available online and

must be completed by 8/17/12, in order  

for us to plan for next year.  

Any registration completed after 8/17/12 will

be subject to a $50.00 late fee.

You should have received an email with
 the subject line:
“DoNotReply: Welcome to Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel’s Online member access.”



 September Calendar

 9/9  First Day of

       Religious School for K-6

9/11  3-6 Grade Program

          7th Grade Program



9/23 K-6


9/30 K-6



    Sunday carpool begins Sept. 9th

Tuesday carpool begins Set. 11th

Times: Classes begin Sunday at 9:00am and Tuesday at 4:00pm.

Drop-off at least 5 minutes

before the start of classes.

 Location:  All drop-offs must be made by the Sanctuary and Religious School entrances.  There will be teachers, Madrachim and parent volunteers available so students should exit cars at each entrance along the length of the Temple.



11:00am to 11:20am – Parents arrive at TSTI

11:25am – Parking lot frozen

(no cars Enter or Leave)

11:30am – Students dismissed, walk to parking lot and to designated lane.  Kindergartners and their carpools picked-up in circular driveway on Scotland Road.


5:30pm to 5:50pm – Parents arrive at TSTI

5:55pm – Parking lot frozen

(no cars Enter of Leave)

6:00pm – Students dismissed, walk to parking lot and designated lane

Lane assignments:

Based on first letter of Last Name.  If you carpool (which we strongly encourage), the entire car should pick one last name for the year.  We will rotate which lane exits first each week.

Lane 1 – Last name A – B

Lane 2  – Last name C- F

Lane 3 – Last name G – I

Lane 4 – Last name J – K

Lane 4 – Last name J – K

Lane 5 – Last name L – M

Lane 6 – Last name N – R

Lane 7 – Last name S

Lane 8 – Last name T – Z

Waiting Area:

For students who have not found their car or whose parents/guardians did not arrive before the parking lot was frozen, they will wait in the plaza outside the sanctuary and should be picked-up after all cars have exited the parking lot.

 Special Note on Walkers:

You are welcome to park on a side street and come and get your kids. In the past, children were allowed to walk to their parent’s car but we witnessed too many dangerous situations involving kids. Parents/guardians must come into the synagogue and get their kids.

 Thank you all for your support as we safely dismiss over 400 students.


In the coming weeks you will receive a  school directory that can be used to arrange carpools.

Please let us know if you do not want your information included.



We are asking families to

bring one non perishable food item


to be donated to the

Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges located just a few miles away in Orange.



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