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“The highest degree of charity is to take hold of persons who have been crushed…to find work for them and thus put them on their feet so that they will not be dependent upon others.” (Moses Maimonides, 1135-1204)


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While still feeling the effects of the Great Recession and adjusting to the new economic normal, it has become an increasing challenge to secure the necessary funds to meet the ever expanding needs of our clients. One of the things we have been focusing on is social entrepreneurship. JVS has created a number of small business initiatives that not only generate income, but also train our clients for employment opportunities, and may even provide them with jobs. Two new initiatives are highlighted in this issue of JVS at Work.

The agency’s most recent social enterprise is our Document Imaging & Record Management Bureau, an initiative that capitalizes on the skills of former JVS rehabilitation workshop and Career Center (individuals on the autism spectrum) clients. If you have a business that is overrun with paper and you are looking to convert your paper documents to a digital format, be sure to read the article below.  JVS can help your business go paperless — saving you valuable time, storage and money.

The second new venture featured in this newsletter is not only a culinary training ground but also provides a direct benefit to JVS clients and staff. It is the new on-site Sunrise Café. Open for breakfast and lunch, the café started by offering only coffee and bagels in the morning.  It has since grown its menu to include freshly made tuna and egg salad sandwiches for lunch, French toast for breakfast, and a variety of healthy snacks throughout the day.

To compete in this economy, nonprofit agencies need to remain mission driven but think “outside-the-box” and evolve with the times. At JVS that is what we are doing. I hope you will join us in our journey. When you receive our request in the mail to become a Friend of JVS please consider making a tax-deductible donation that will help continue the Magic that is JVS. Better yet, Donate Now, on our secure website.  We need your support more than ever to help our clients succeed in a job market where the NJ unemployment rate is nearly 10% and is even higher for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Thank you for your continued support of JVS.  I hope you enjoy the final days of summer.

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Expo 2010 Logo
Sunday, November 4, 2012
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Aidekman Family Campus
901 Route 10E, Whippany, NJ
For further information about becoming an Expo sponsor or for further information, contact Jayne Waltzer, 973-674-6330 x311 or  click here.

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DocumentimagingJVS Document Imaging & Records Management

document imaging laptoppapers

JVS is introducing a new business to business service —Document Imaging and Records Management. JVS can convert your paper documents into fully searchable digital files for easy retrieval.

Perfect for any business such as healthcare providers, financial organizations, law firms, accounting firms, educational institutions, government agencies – any workplace that collects and stores paper.

Document Imaging is a business tool that can save money, save time, preserve natural resources, secure vital information from disaster and even create office space.

The imaging process begins with the conversion of paper documents to a digital format. Once scanned, documents are indexed to allow for quick and accurate retrieval based on unique identifiers. All scanned images and indexes are verified for accuracy.

Digital images can be returned on a portable hard drive in any file format for input into your document management system.

JVS provides the highest quality images and indexing accuracy!

For more information contact:

Rachel Reed,,973-674-6330 x301.

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. sunrise cafe 

The Sunrise Café is JVS’ very own in-office breakfast and lunch hotspot. The Café, which opened in May 2012, is a social enterprise initiative that provides healthy food options for clients, students and staff members as well as training opportunities for clients with disabilities who participate in the operation of the Café. All workers attend “Food Handling and Food Safety” training provided by the JVS Corporate Training Program before starting work in the Sunrise Café. Nina Santiague, the Café supervisor, has previous food service experience and came to JVS through the agency’s Émigré Department. The Café is open weekdays from 8:00 AM to 11:45 AM and 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM. Items on the menu include sandwiches, muffins, drinks, and coffee. Prices range from $.35 for a box of pretzels to $3.00 for a tuna or egg salad hero sandwich.

The Café is a welcome addition to the agency, giving staff and clients the opportunity to purchase breakfast, lunch or a healthy snack without leaving the premises. With some creative problem solving and the initiative of the Rehabilitation Department, Sunrise Café was born. It has been a win-win endeavor for JVS, staff and clients. We look forward to an ever expanding menu with new and exciting healthy choices at affordable prices. 
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Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin recently presented General Assembly Proclamations to two outstanding JVS Caregiving Companions. The JVS Caregiving Companions program provides companionship and non-medical assistance to the frail elderly and other individuals who need help in and around the house.  Companions can help with light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, errands, food preparation, and more.  For further information about the program contact:  Rachel Cohen,, 973-674-2415 x293.

Assemblyman Gibbons 

JVS Executive Director, Dr. Leonard C. Schneider; Assistant Program Manager, Sherry Mumford, JVS At Home Services Program Manager, Rachel Cohen; Lisa Webster, JVS Outstanding Caregiving Companion for April to June and LaVerne Terry, Outstanding Caregiving Companion from January to March, receive Proclamations from Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin; with Recruitment Coordinator, Robin Goldberg completing the team photo.

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Expand your network by joining the JVS LinkedIn group at JVS-MetroWest Synagogue Jobs Connection, where you will find a current list of job openings.  JVS will no longer by  If you would like to post a job lead, please contact Marty Katz at, 973-674-6330 x270 or Beverly Feldman at, 973-674-6330 x308

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historyJVS Through the Years


2nd Annual JVS Creative Maturity Expo
November 2008

Click here to learn more about the history of JVS.
Thank you for your interest in JVS.  Remember, online donations  can be made on our secure website

JVS is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ


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