I’ve lost my motivation. What can I do? Health and Wellness Tips from Peter K

“I’ve lost my motivation. What can I do?” by peterk

I hear this often. But this time, instead of a client, it’s me. I do lose my motivation, just like anyone else, which surprises some people.

This morning I shot 4 new videos for 5 Minutes to Fitness+ TV, including 2 new workouts.  One segment was about regaining that motivation and inspiration you once may have had.  I wasn’t sure what the segment would be, so the camera rolled and here’s what came out:

When we need motivation it may serve us to think about who and what we love most.  What we’d like to be doing right now that would make us happy. This will help us cancel out the noise of life and refocus on what we hold most dear and what truly inspires us naturally.

The segment was shot, I enjoyed breakfast with my producer, and I knew what I would be doing the rest of the day; spending time with my family, eating foods to fuel me, reaching out to people that I could connect with and help and creating new programs for my wellness services. I was also inspired to write this simple blog to you, to connect with you through the ether.

Motivation and inspiration can simply come from focusing on who and what you love most. What do you think?

Peter K MS, PT is an International Health Coach, Nutritionist, Physical Therapist, Speaker and Author.  He’s appeared on ABC, FOX, MSN, TLC, Blogtalkradio and in Fitness magazine. He’s the creator of the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Program & Online Club, a revolutionary lifestyle program for achieving optimal health, which has been featured on QVC and FOX,  For more information visit http://www.peterkfitness.com .

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