“I hate exercise”, but do like, “Looking and feeling great, less depression, more energy…” Health and Wellness Tips from Peter K

“I hate exercise”, but do like, “Looking and feeling great, less depression, more energy…”

by peterk

“I hate exercise”. You’ve heard someone say this before, maybe it was you.  What if exercise wasn’t what you thought it was?  Has anyone ever said, “I hate feeling and looking good, having more energy, sexier muscles, more spring in my step, better balance, and less chronic stress, anxiety and depression, as well as and more self esteem and self mastery”?  That’s what the right exercise, along with the right beliefs about exercise, can give us.

The “right” exercise includes

Getting your heart rate up to 65% to 75% of your max. You can find a heart guide online.

Moving your body in coordinated ways, preferably with some resistance, for a minimum of 20 minutes a day.

Direct your thoughts to why you are doing it.

Exercise can be a gift that we give ourselves everyday. We only need to see it that way.

Double the effect of your next run/walk workout

I’ve met Jane 5 years ago, soon after she, her husband Alan and I became business partners. It took a while for Jane to believe me when I told her she didn’t have to do all that cardio to stay fit. She’s been doing the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Workout ever since, 20 minutes a day 4-5 times per week.
We recently worked out together. She wanted to run for 40 minutes and I wanted to do resistance training. So we did the best of both.

Here’s the workout:

Start with walking/running for 5 minutes. Find a large hill and do 20 squats with a 20 second hold at the bottom of the hill,(beginner start with 5 squats)
Walk/run up the hill, and do 20 pushups with a 10 second hold at the top, (beginner do 5 pushups on ground or against tree/wall)

Run/walk back down the hill and do 20 lunges with 10 second holds on each side.

Repeat for 15 minutes

This will take about 20-25 minutes, but Jane was pumped, so we ran for another 20 minutes, making it a 40 minute workout

The best of both worlds; cardio and resistance, incorporating body weight exercises and hills, outdoors, with a good friend and workout partner.

Peter K MS, PT is an International Health Coach, Nutritionist, Physical Therapist, Speaker and Author.  He’s appeared on ABC, FOX, MSN, TLC, Blogtalkradio and in Fitness magazine. He’s the creator of the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Program & Online Club, a revolutionary lifestyle program for achieving optimal health, which has been featured on QVC and FOX,  For more information visit http://www.peterkfitness.com .

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