TSTI, Giving Thanks and Doing Good


Some of the groceries distributed to more than 200 clients of IFP the day before Thanksgiving

20121124-161012.jpgIncludes the notes and care packages packed by Religious School.

20121124-161219.jpgDistribution included 200+ fleeces, glove and hat sets, fresh bread, pies and bags of mini-marshmallows, all of which were generously donated by the Bass Foundation. We are also grateful to our IFP partners Panera Bread, Bagel Chateau and Supreme Bakery, who donate breads and pastries on a weekly basis to make our clients lives a little sweeter.

20121124-161425.jpgWe distributed coats and outerwear, including that collected at the recent TSTI Drive, to IFP clients

20121124-161537.jpgThe final piece. – clients get a turkey. We were thrilled to be able to distribute 92 turkeys collected at TSTI Turkey Drive, as well as turkeys donated by Kings and Shop-rite.

Thanks to Lisa Goldberg photos, captions and much much more.

Ozer for

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