AIPAC Policy Conference 2013- Iron Dome


Brig. Gen.(Res.) Dr. Daniel Gold
CEO & Founder, Gold R&D Technology and Innovation LTD

Brig. Gen. Dr. Daniel Gold explaining the origin of the Iron Dome system that was so effective during the conflict last fall.

The project went from concept to reality in just three years.

“Iron Dome team -A 70 year old taken out of retirement. Working together with 20 year olds 24/7 for three years to do the impossible. This is Israel.”
TSTI member and Women’s Connection Co-chair Roberta Probber

“Iron Dome, the rocket defense system revolutionizing Israel’s defense capabilities, almost did not get built. While it has proved to be highly effective in shooting down rockets fired by Hamas, the initial idea by Brig. Gen. Dr. Danny Gold faced much skepticism, bureaucratic opposition and lack of funding. Refusing to take no for an answer, Gen. Gold assembled a team of top engineers who made the concept a reality in just five years. Gen. Gold will discuss this unbelievable story.”

Brig.-Gen. (Ret.) Dr. Daniel Gold is currently CEO & Founder of Gold R&D Technology and Innovation LTD. He is former Head of Research and Development at the Ministry of Defense and Israel Defense Forces. In this role he was responsible for determining the military research and development policy of the State of Israel and for overseeing of its execution. These responsibilities included overseeing all R&D budgets and projects in all relevant areas of R&D – development of infrastructure, basic technology, concept generation, technological building blocks development, and full scale development. Dr. Gold holds Ph.D. degrees in Business Management, and in Electronic Engineering.



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