AIPAC Policy Conference 2013 Reflections- Roberta Probber

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 9.20.02 AMScreen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.39.00 AM
The 2013 policy conference brought together 13,000 people, all with the common goal of supporting Israel.  While the threat of Iran’s nuclear developments and support of terrorism, instability in the Middle East neighborhood and the importance of establishing relationships and introducing Israel to a wave of new legislators where addressed, these issues shared center stage with the exciting technological advancements that are coming out of Israel.
It was exciting to sit at at small presentation by Brigadier General Danny Gold, to listen to how he bent the rules and put a team together to develop the unbelievable technology behind the Iron Dome.  To sit in the plenary and watch Dr. Boaz Almog from Tel Aviv University “levitate” a superconductor – well, it made my head spin with the possible applications.
The diversity among the 13,000 delegates was inspiring.  Yes, there was an overwhelming majority of people who looked a lot like us, but we shared dinner with pastors from southern states, we listened to a fabulous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner performed by Pastor Christopher T. Harris, Sr.  of the Bright Star Church of God In Christ and heard about his congregations relationship with the Jewish Community in Chicago.  All these people had visited Israel under the auspices of AIPAC, and it was palpable, how much this kind of outreach is broadening the pro-Israel community.
The AIPAC conference is important to me as a pro-Israel supporter.  I really like going with members of our congregation – it provides an opportunity to get to know people on a different level, and, yes, we have already signed on for next year.  

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