What Are We Doing About… Economic Justice

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The Farm Bill, which determines most U.S. food and agriculture policy, is making its way through Congress. A current version of the bill proposes $21 million of cuts to vital anti-hunger programs such as SNAP benefits, free school lunches for kids from low-income families, and nutrition assistance programs.

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4 thoughts on “What Are We Doing About… Economic Justice

  1. Joseph

    I think it is supposed to be $21 Billion, not $21 million. $21 million is a rounding error of a rounding error in the fiscal irresponsibility known as our Federal gov’t budget. Our debt is $16 trillion, but there is over $50 trillion of unfunded liabilities. If you google SNAP and fraud, you would realize that many people abuse this program. Shouldn’t we at TSTI support less Farm Bill subsidies and more Food Pantry or Community Food Bank participation. Private support is more efficient and more aligned with our ‘community’. If you google Farm Bill and obesity, you would see that the Gov’t supports big farmers who give them big money to subsidize the production of wheat and corn (and high fructose corn syrup) which are if anything contributing to the obesity epidemic in America, not solviing a ‘hunger’ epidemic, which unfortunately mostly negatively impacts minorities. The Farm Bill is bad news, plain and simple.

  2. Joseph

    Plus – when they talk about a ‘cut’ of $21 billion (over 10 years), it is not really a cut in the way you and I think of a cut (i.e. a decrease). Instead, it is a decrease from a previously set, very high rate of growth faster than inflation so that they can say ‘we cut spending by $21 billion’ over 10 years when in fact it goes up by a fair amount. So, tell me why we should support the farm bill, which subsidizes high fructose corn syrup for the masses, creating widespread obesity and a whole range of health care issues – mostly for minorities, enables massive SNAP fraud and abuse, which decreases the overall legitimacy of our Federal government and finally, contributes to our massive national debt which will impoverish our progeny. There has to be something in the Bible saying that’s not a good thing. Let’s support local, eleemosynary efforts to solve our woes, not rely on Washington!!


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